Tenant Instructions for Transferring Out of Waterbury

The following is general information for individuals who wish to move OUT of Waterbury and be subsidized through the Housing Choice Voucher Program of another Housing Authority.

  1. You MUST give proper notice to your current landlord of your intent to vacate.
  • Your notice should be signed by both you and your landlord with the date of move out (Usually the last day of the month). 
  • A copy forwarded to this office
  • You MUST NOT have any outstanding claim against you – (Termination, Notice to Quit, Repayment Agreement, etc.)  You MUST be in good standing with your current landlord – (Rent paid in FULL, No damages to unit, etc.)
  1. A “Tenant Request to Transfer to Another Housing Authority” will be given to you, please fill out and provide required documentation, make sure to complete the entire form.
  1. Provide current proof of income – Income verification should not be more than 2 months old (60 days)
  1. Provide Birth Certificates & Social Security Cards for ALL Family Members transferring with you.
  1. New voucher MUST be signed before moving.  The Housing Choice Voucher is valid for 120 days from the issue date. Termination of assistance will result if voucher is not utilized within 120 days.
  1. Preliminary Paperwork will be faxed to the Housing Authority to determine if you are eligible to be transferred. If accepted – Papers will be faxed to HA.  If you are not accepted – You will be notified by mail.
  1. Paperwork will be faxed, mail or emailed – It is the tenant’s responsibility to contact the requested Housing Authority, allow at least one week for processing.  Once paperwork is transferred to the requested Housing Authority, please follow the requested Housing Authorities procedures, as each Authority has difference procedures.
  1. Housing Subsidy Payment to landlord will be placed on HOLD for the effective date of requested move out. Therefore, if lease up is not complete, it is the tenant’s responsibility to contact landlord to get a written extension.  This MUST be in writing – and must be a 30 day extension.  This process MUST be followed for each month until tenant is leased up in new unit.
  1. Once Leased Up with the other HA – Tenant MUST give keys back to landlord by the last day of the month of requested move out.  It will be the tenant’s responsibility to pay the landlord for any additional days they occupy the unit.
  1. If the tenant decides NOT TO RELOCATE to the requested Housing Authority or if the tenant changes where they wish to relocate to, tenant MUST put in writing to the requested Housing Authority that they intend to go back to Waterbury. When the paperwork is returned to this office (WHA) you will be notified of the next process.