Changes to Family Income?


It is the responsibility of the head of household to report any changes in income or family responsibility in a timely manner.

The following is general information for individuals who have changes in income and/or family composition who participate in the subsidy program of the Housing Authority of the City of Waterbury. 

Income (Change should be for at least 30 consecutive days)

Written documentation is required within 30 days of the change in order to make all necessary changes. 


  • 10 Consecutive Weekly Pay Stubs
  • 4 Consecutive Biweekly Pay Stubs
  • W-2 Forms – Income Tax returns
  • Notification from employer on business letterhead or notarized statement from employer, MUST state:
    • Dates of Employment
    • Amount & frequency of pay
    • Date of last pay increase
    • Year to date earnings
    • Estimated income from overtime, tips, bonus pay     
    • No Longer Employed or Change in Wages
    • Notification from employer on business letterhead or notarized    

New Employment or Changes in Pay

Notification from employer on business letterhead or notarized statement from employer, MUST state:

  • Reason for dismissal
  • Dates of Employment
  • Pink Slip – Slip from employment of termination
  • Change needs to be effective after a minimum of 30 days

Social Security, Pensions, Supplementary Income (SSI), Disability Income:

  • Benefit verification form completed by agency providing the benefits
  • Award or benefit notification letters prepared and signed by the providing agency
  • Computer report electronically obtained or in hard copy
  • Bank Statements for direct deposit

Unemployment Compensation

  • Verification form completed by the unemployment compensation agency
  • Computer print-outs from unemployment office stating payment dates & amounts
  • Payment Stubs

Welfare Payments or General Assistance

  • Verification form completed by the welfare agency
  • Computer print-outs from welfare office stating payment dates & amounts

Child Support Payments or Alimony Payments

  • Copy of separation or settlement agreement or a divorce decree stating amount and type of support and payment schedules
  • A notarized letter from the person paying the support
  • Copy of latest check and/or payment stubs from the court trustee.  Ha must record the date, amount and number of check.
  • If Payments are irregular, the family must provide:
    • Statement from the agency responsible for payments to show irregularities

Net Income from a Business

  • IRS Form 1040, including
    • Schedule C (Small Business)
    • Schedule E (Rental Property Income)
    • Schedule F (Farm Income)
  • Financial Statements of the business

Zero Income Status

  • Families claiming to have no income will be required to execute verification forms to determine that forms of income such as unemployment benefits,  AFDC, SSI, etc. are not being received by the household.
  • WHA will request information from the State Employment Development  Department
  • WHA may check records of other departments in the jurisdiction (Such as government utilities) that have information about income sources of customer.

Full Time Student Status

Family members (Excluding Head of Household & Spouse) 18 years of age or older (Including High School)

  • Written verification from the registrar’s office or other school official
  • School records indicating enroll for sufficient number of credits to be considered a full time student by the educational institution
  • Educational Institute includes a vocational school with a diploma or certificate degree or college degree

When proper documentation is received, caseworker will complete necessary changes and an appointment will be set up for you to sign documentation.